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Storm Impact Windows and Doors

Your investment in hurricane impact resistant windows and doors is a wise decision. Hurricane resistant impact windows and doors go through a series of rigorous tests, ensuring that the windows and doors -- typically the weakest elements of a structure -- do not compromise your home during a storm.

The most severe hurricane damage is typically caused when wind is allowed to enter a structure, creating internal pressure that can cause lasting, structural damage. Designed to resist the penetration of flying debris, hurricane resistant windows and doors protect your home from this damaging wind infiltration. 

Types of Impact Windows

Single Hung Window

A single hung window is a traditional style sash operable window that opens without using any interior or exterior space. It is a perfect choice for most living areas in your home.

Casement Windows

A casement window swings open like a door. Hinged on the side, casement windows provide excellent ventilation and unlike a single hung, it has no center rail to obstruct the view.

Project-Out/Awnings Window

A project out or awning window is a top hinged outward opening window that protects the opening like an awning, providing ventilation even during rainy weather. Project Out windows are suitable in nearly every style of home and frequently used in bathrooms with obscure or textured glass.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are typically used for openings that are larger or where an opening window is not required. They are used to expand the view and bring in more daylight. A great choice for living rooms, dining rooms, master bedrooms and where ventilation is not a concern.

Designer Fixed Windows

A designer fixed window adds a luxurious look to any room in the house while bringing in daylight. A large selection of designer window shapes are available.

Horizontal Rolling Windows

A horizontal rolling window operates similar to a sliding door. The sash slides open perfect for satisfying bedroom egress requirements and is a popular style for contemporary and modern homes.

Not sure what is the right look for your Home?

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Impact Resistant Doors to Welcome Guests, Not Damage

The entryway to your home should be welcoming to family, friends, and visitors. Hurricane force winds and the debris they carry are not on the guest list. With hurricane impact resistant doors and entrances you can rest assured that the risk of damage from flying debris is significantly reduced.

Impact products can only be classified as such after meeting the hurricane or wind-borne debris requirements and hurricane codes. Impact resistant doors and entrances installed by Beacon Glass Co meet these requirements, giving you the peace of mind that the entryway of your home is protected during a storm.

Types of Impact Glass Doors

Glass Front Entrance Ways

Your front door gives visitors the first impression of your home. We have front doors to match virtually any architectural style. From traditional styles to sleek and modern designs, make a statement that reflects the style and taste of you and your home with a customized Glass Front Entrance Way.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Doors are a perfect solution for space, ventilation and aesthetic considerations. Sliding doors are common in many houses, particularly as an entrance to the patio and backyard. Available with screens, our sliding doors are also a great solution where doors are kept open but insect protection is desired. Ask us about the numerous configurations available.

Glass French Doors

French Doors are an elegant way of bringing the outside inside. Connect your garden with your home; enjoy unobstructed views of gardens, the pool, the hills or sunsets from anyplace you desire. Whether a beautiful entry door solution, or a simple passage door, our French doors can fit virtually any application you desire.

Ready to add Impact Windows and Doors?