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Upgrade the look of your Shower

For homeowners who want light and openness in their bathrooms, frameless glass shower and bath enclosures maximize that open feeling while providing a modern, luxurious feel. 

Types of Frameless Shower & Bath Enclosures

  • Frameless Door and Panel
  • Frameless Bypass

The benefits of frameless shower and bath enclosures are plentiful. Direct contact between glass and tile eliminates corrosion build up on the metal track, making maintenance and cleaning a breeze. Doors can open to the inside as well as outside, and there is more creative flexibility when it comes to matching your bathroom's plumbing fixtures and hardware.

Frameless Bypass Shower & Bath Enclosures

Beautify your bath and shower in luxury with frameless sliding glass doors. When maximizing space is a consideration for the layout of your bathroom, sliding shower and tub doors offer a modern, elegant solution with space in mind.

Frameless Door and Panel Shower & Bath Enclosures

For those with extra space in their bathroom, a swing or pivot shower & tub door and panel is for you. Like a traditional door, these doors swing open from a single side creating a welcoming, elegant style for the shower space of your dreams.

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Glass Door Entrance Installation Service

Measured To Fit

Our professional installers, backed by years of industry experience, meticulously measure the space, ensuring that your frameless shower & bath enclosure has a seamless, custom fit built just for you and your needs.

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We pride ourselves on quality product, professional installation, and outstanding service. All of our glass work is done on premises without sub-contracting to a third party. When you work with Beacon, Beacon does the work.

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